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"The implementation of lean manufacturing within the facility has had a major impact on all areas of the organization. The level of quality, safety, and productivity have all improved dramatically throughout the plant. Gary and his team provided us with the tools, knowledge and enthusiasm to make a substantial change for the better. In 2006, the facility was presented with the most improved plant award."
Shawn Roach, P.Eng.
Plant Manager

“ We have made significant gains in productivity, improved on-time delivery, reduced inventory, and freed up floor space in the areas of our business where we have begun our lean transformation. We have also seen an improvement in staff morale in those areas.”
Brett Padget, CFO,

“Gary’s ability to see the large process picture and assist team members in identifying process constraints has resulted in our entire group looking at daily structure in a much different way. We have found our own solutions to standardization, increased efficiency and simple clutter removal thanks to his investment in our LEAN education. As a successful, fast-growing company, we are far better equipped to change and adapt with the increased scope of our business.”
Jim Matthews,
Director of Operations

The Winslow Group use Lean methods and the architecture of best practices to help its clients focus on supplying their customers, on time, at the right cost, with the right quality, the first time and every time. We work with our clients to assist them in building a corporate culture of continuous improvement where everyone in the organization is focused on the elimination of waste everywhere along the value chain while adding value for their customers.

Our value proposition is to build capability within an organization so that it is self-sustaining in its lean journey. While results vary from one organization to the next, the following are examples of results our clients have achieved. As the leader of your organization, you must ask yourself “what would it do for our organization if we could…”
Our clients have experienced:
Increased Productivity 40% to 100+%
Increase total throughput without increasing headcount
Reduce overall Inventory by 50%
Increase Inventory Turns 200% to 400%
Improve inventory control
Reduce order lead time and deliver faster to our customers
Improve On-time Delivery Performance to 98% or better
Reduce Set-up Times by 60% to 90%

The Winslow Group believes in building people and the power of the team. Our team has many years experience in a variety of manufacturing and service industries, building organizations and productivity by building people. Our style takes a refreshing hands-on approach through coaching and mentoring to help our clients overcome their challenges and achieve sustainable success.




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